Our history

  • December 1998: installation of our first herb & spice pasteurization system
  • March 2001: first major synthetic rubber thermal desorption system
  • May 2002: installation of a sesame seed roasting system
  • June 2004: first cork decontamination system
  • November 2008: installation of our first peanut pasteurization and roasting system
  • April 2013: Revtech successfully commissions the largest, certified almond pasteurization system in the world
  • January 2014: Revtech successfully commissions a certified unit for both nut pasteurization and roasting
  • February 2017: inauguration of our subsidiary in Chicago

Commitments and philosophy

Revtech understands that the best technology requires superior innovation and this remains the DNA of Revtech.  Whether in engineering, customer service or environmental protection, Revtech has been growing and adapting for more than 20 years and is constantly advancing in the areas of technology, quality and ecology to provide maximum customer satisfaction.


Revtech engraving
Revtech office in Chicago

Revtech Process Systems Inc.

35 East Wacker Drive, suite 670
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Phone: +1 773 575 0688

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