Herbs, Spices, Nuts, Cereals, Seeds, Pulses


  • Nuts (pasteurization, roasting)
  • Herbs & spices (steam sterilization, toasting)
  • Seeds, oily seeds, ... (pasteurization, toasting/roasting)
  • Cereals
    Flours (pasteurization, stabilization, modification of functional properties, drying, toasting)
    Barley and malt, ... (roasting)
    Brans (pasteurization, stabilization, toasting)
    Germs (stabilization, toasting)
    Grains, ... (pasteurization, stabilization, toasting)
    Oat groats (pasteurization, stabilization, toasting and kilning prior to flaking)
    Wheat, buckwheat, rice, ... (puffing)
  • Flakes (stabilization, toasting)
  • Pulses, soya beans, ... (pasteurization, stabilization - drying and enzymatic inhibition)
  • Others:
    Cocoa, coffee, ... (roasting)
    Starches, ... (modification of functional properties)

This list is far from exhaustive. Contact us for more information.

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