Chemical Industry Heat Treatment Solutions

Which applications are possible?

The industrial tailor-made heat treatment units designed by Revtech offer a continuous and perfectly plug flow. Flow rates start at 100 lbs/ and go up to 22,000 lbs/h.
Our unique and patented innovative solutions are supplied turnkey, they can be used for various applications simply by adapting the operating parameters of the equipment:

  • Thermal desorption of synthetic rubber: VOC removal
  • Drying adsorbent materials: reduction of water, alcohols…
  • Polymerization of flame retardant
  • Calcination of metal oxides
  • Gas-solid reaction for catalyst activation
  • Steam stripping for cork bark: TCA (2,4,6-Trichloroanisole) removal
  • Pasteurization of cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients: 5 log kill up to 7 log kill step in compliance with the FDA
  • Pyrolysis of agricultural waste
  • Essential oils distillation of organic products
Revtech heat treatment unit for chemicals
Chemical products

For which chemical products families?

  • Synthetic Fertilizers, ... (drying)
  • Mineral powders, ... (calcination)
Specialty Chemicals:
  • Catalyst products, ... (gas-solid & solid-solid reaction)
  • Desiccants, Adsorbent products (zeolites, MMCs), sorbents, salts, pigments, ... (drying)
  • Mineral powders, Catalyst products, Metal oxides, ... (calcination)
  • Metal oxides, ... (sintering)
  • Solid compounds, ... (polymerization of powders)
  • Synthetic rubber compounds, formaldehyde resin, ... (thermal desorption)
  • Organic additives, fragrance oils, ... (torrefaction, distillation)
  • Cosmetic & pharmaceutical ingredients (steam pasteurization)
  • Food mineral additives, ... (pasteurization)
  • Cork bark, ... (steam stripping)

This list is far from exhaustive. Contact us for more information.

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