In addition to a revolutionary technology, Revtech offers a range of services based on more than 20 years of experience and enabling our clients to successfully achieve the objectives related to their industrial investments.

It is from the pre-sales advice and the definition of your goals and needs that the success of your project rests. Since 1997, we have supported our clients worldwide, working in sectors as diverse as food, chemicals, ... in their project of:

Enzymatic inhibition, stabilization, modification of functional properties, steam sterilization, pasteurization, toasting, roasting, drying, gas-solid reaction, solid-solid reaction, sintering, steam stripping, thermal desorption…

We send one of our sales engineers to meet with you to discuss each detail of your present and future needs and to provide you with the most appropriate solution based on Revtech technology. This evaluation can even be based, if necessary, on additional tests that can be performed on one of our pilot units.

While perfectly confident in the reliability of our facilities, we have implemented a responsive and readily available after-sales service throughout the globe to respond as quickly as possible to your maintenance needs. Similarly, each installation has the ability to be remote controlled to allow Revtech to perform minor interventions or to apply new settings. Thus, thanks to the responsiveness of our after-sales service, you have the guarantee of continuity and smooth operation over the life of your industrial investment.

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