Founded in 1997 by American engineer Martin Mitzkat, the spiral heating process is a technological innovation that is the genesis of the company Revtech: a unique and patented heat treatment process for raw materials for the agri-food, petrochemical and pharmacy sectors ...
The principle is simple and involves transporting and mixing the product by vibration while heat treated in a closed spiral tube. The direct contact of the product with the heated tube provides a consistent and well controlled transfer of heat with high thermal efficiency.
For steam sterilization and pasteurization purposes, the use of a small amount of water vapor can be coupled to this process for particularly efficient treatment of organic materials.

Our process


Revtech technology has the following advantages:

  • Direct contact heating requires low energy consumption.
  • Transport by vibration allows a homogeneous treatment of products without altering them, which can be essential for certain products such as cashews or almonds ...
  • The technology is environmentally friendly with no chemicals used in the process and significantly lower air treatment required compared to other technologies.
  • Each installation requires little maintenance and cleaning costs are low.

Thus, this innovation is particularly suitable for the continuous and automated thermal treatment of raw materials around 3 main applications:

  • Drying, toasting and roasting
  • Steam sterilization and pasteurization
  • Heat treatment of cereal products (stabilization and functional modifications), chemical (thermal desorption) or pharmaceutical products

With a significant percentage of its annual turnover invested in Research and Development, Revtech is bringing its processes to new markets to meet new standards of food safety, emerging needs of new products and development of superior quality by the end consumers. Thus, year after year, Revtech technology is particularly suited to emerging markets or new applications requiring a heat treatment solution for the future.

This is how our entire support program, from design to manufacture, makes perfect sense for every Revtech installation to fully meet your challenges and guarantee you maximum return on your industrial investment.