With innovative technology and proven expertise from over 120 customers around the world, Revtech is one of the undisputed leaders in the creation of industrial heat treatment and pasteurization equipment for dry ingredients.

Combining technology and individualized support, Revtech has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of industrial equipment for pasteurization, steam sterilization, roasting, heat treatment, drying and pyrolysis of various raw materials.

We are proud to count among our customers companies from the manufacturing industry, operating in sectors as diverse as the processing of cereals, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, chemicals and biomass ... It is the flexibility of our technology combined with a unique support approach that has allowed us to meet the challenges of each customer and to ensure maximum return on investment.

Designer of innovative industrial heat treatment solutions

Designer of innovative industrial heat treatment solutions

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Almondco Managing Director Brenton Woolston

Customer testimonials

Almondco, Australia

“As a result of the ever increasing standards around food safety, our company has made a decision to supply raw kernel that has been subjected to the Almondco Pure process in 2015.

The French-designed technology we have installed delivers a market leading finished product. The revolutionary dry steam application provides you with a rate of reduction in micro-organisms that exceeds almond industry standards.

This proven system provides peace of mind for growers, processors and consumers. You get all the natural benefits of purchasing raw almonds without any of the micro-biological risks inherent in a ground harvested product.”

Brenton Woolston, Managing Director