From design to manufacturing, each project entrusted to Revtech benefits from individualized treatment in order to guarantee an optimal response to the specific needs related to your business.

Our sales engineers meet with you in order to analyze your needs in their entirety and to build the specifications with you while addressing your present and future challenges. This step before the design of your installation can be accompanied by tests at our premises to ensure the feasibility of your project.
The specifications are then transferred to our design office which custom designs the digital model of your future heat treatment plant using powerful 3D CAD tools.

This 3D prototype is then tested with computer validation tools guaranteeing the long-term reliability, quality and performance of your industrial solution. If necessary, revisions can be made to your design in order to obtain full satisfaction. This validation step makes it possible to fully define your installation.

The various production plans are then edited and sent to our technical department and our manufacturing department.  Revtech works closely with each supplier using strict specifications to ensure that every system meets quality and reliability standards.  The system is completely assembled, then tested and adjusted before being partially disassembled for shipping.  Revtech also provides a technician to ensure a smooth installation process at your facility as well as training on proper use of the system.

Thus, it is all the expertise of our team along with the meticulous study of your needs and goals that make your solution unique and will allow you to benefit from the power of Revtech technology.